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YouTubers and Vloggers to Watch

April 08, 2020 VideoBros | Friends. Videographers. Podcasters? Episode 6
VideoBros | a podcast for videographers
YouTubers and Vloggers to Watch
Show Notes

Michael and Dustin open the show with some shout-outs to the most ubiquitous sponsors of podcasts.  They spend a bit of time discussing their favorite Youtube personalities and the impact of rolling shutter on handheld filming and why Aputure makes some of the best lights for the money.  After some more chit chat about YouTube personalities you should definitely check out… they slam the titles that said YouTubers give their videos.  Michael and Dustin zero in on one YouTuber who is challenging RED Digital Cinema on the quality of their products and why RED is way overpriced.  Dustin then gives major props to another YouTuber with a show about drinking and one named Daniel Schiffer, who really makes some incredible videos with handheld shots. They then turn the conversation towards whether it makes sense to give away all your filming secrets for free. The guys take a break to talk abut Dustin’s glasses that he bought from Warby Parker, and their thinning hairlines. After that, they move on to more pressing topics… like how Dustin allocates his time during an edit.  They wrap the show by talking about Dustin’s real calling.

Some of Michael's favorite YouTube Video creators:
Creative North
Matti Happoja
Sam Fregonese
Peter McKinnon
Philip Bloom
YC Imaging
Spencer Sakurai

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